On 12/24/15 12:22 PM, Ian Smith wrote:
  ~2 minutes delay there.  sendmail (mta and msp both) at least
are unhappy about your hostname, and sleep on it.  I don't know whether
that's significant or related to the longer delay you report.  I just
skimmed through your dmesg, but didn't spot anything glaringly obvious.

FWIW, cheers, Ian

Thanks for taking the time to help me.

The delay is (mostly) before the boot loader menu is presented. Once the system starts to boot.. It is pretty fast...

When the system boots, after the BIOS hands over the control to the OS.. there are 6-7 lines, which give boot loader version etc.. (the last of this gives the details of the build host etc..)

Then there is a spinning wheel, an the system just sits there for some time.. (even the wheel spins slowly). after 3-4 mins I see it loads the /boot/default/loader.conf . After this the menu is loaded..

so, the issue is long before this dmesg even begins... Unfortunately, I do not know how to force a verbose boot before the boot menu...


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