On 28/12/2015 1:48 AM, Matthias Apitz wrote:

I have on a Dell M5500 my poudriere jails for amd64; the host system
is at the moment r276659 (January 2015) and the jails are:

r276659 (January 2015) + ports r392920 (July 2015)
r276659 (January 2015) + ports r403255 (December 2015)

I'm right now updating the host to r292778 (as of today) and will run
new jails:

r285885 (August 2015)   + ports r403255 (December 2015)
r292778 (December 2015) + ports xxxxxxx (January 2016)

My question is: will the two old jails based on r276659 still work on a
host r292778?

My experience is that you are more likely to have problems in your existing setup because you should always try keep the kernel newer than the newest jail.
your new stup shoud just work.

In the one time I had problems, I fixed it by putting a copy of libc from the base into /lib/base/libc.so and using libmap.conf to make sure everyting used it. I was an exceptional case however as the jail had some private changes so that doesn't really count.



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