El 26/12/15 a les 15.26, Daisuke Aoyama ha escrit:
> Hi all,
> I'm creating NAS4Free dom0 edition.
> This is simple wrapper of Xen/dom0/FreeBSD.
> You can upgrade by same way of NAS4Free.
> You can manage HDD, ZFS, iSCSI target, NFS share by same way of NAS4Free.
> You can manage DomU(VM) via WebGUI.
> Japanese blog:
> http://shell.peach.ne.jp/aoyama/archives/3149
> http://shell.peach.ne.jp/aoyama/archives/3135
> NAS4Free dom0 topic in English:
> http://forums.nas4free.org/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=10028
> Latest download:
> http://www.peach.ne.jp/archives/nas4free/test/2244-dom0/
> How to install:
> 1.Download LiveCD iso image.
> 2.Burn to CD/DVD-RW blank disc.
> 3.Boot from it.
> (if your server don't have an optical drive, please use an external USB
> optical drive)
> 4.Install to USB Flash drive (2GB or more) from menu #9.
> 5.Reboot the server after ejecting CD/DVD media.
> How to upgrade:
> 1.Navigate to System|Firmware in global menu from web browser.
> 2.Click "Enable Firmware Update".
> 3.Select NAS4Free-dom0-embedded-*.img.xz. (don't decompress the image)
> 4.Click "Upgrade Firmware".
> Note:
> At least you need a bridge interface before using.
> Please create it from Network|Interface Management|Bridge.
> You can change boot parameters from System|Advanced|loader.conf.
> If you are interested in the xl.cfg, it is created in
> /usr/local/etc/xen/vm-<VMNAME>.cfg.

Thanks for doing this, I just gave it a try and it worked out of the
box, I was able to create and launch a Windows VM in less than 2min,
quite impressive :).

> Known issues:
> uuid generation of ports/sysutils/xen-tools is broken. You cannot
> control by UUID.
> (quick hack patch is attached this mail)

I've given a look at the patch, but I have to admit I know very little
about UUID, yet it seems like you should not poke directly at the
internal uuid_t fields. I've created another patch which I *think*
should solve the UUID issues, could you test it please? It should apply
cleanly against Xen 4.5.


> xnb device performance is terrible.
> (it eats 100% CPU on intr while transferring via bridged 10GbE)

I haven't seen this, but I'm not surprised (I also don't have a 10GbE
card at hand right now). There's a lot of fine tuning and bug fixing to
do regarding the backends. I plan to get with this once the PVH
implementation is stable.

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