On 29.12.15 21:14, Alan Somers wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 29, 2015 at 12:54 PM, NGie Cooper
> <yaneurab...@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> On Dec 29, 2015, at 11:48, Florian Ermisch <0xf...@fsfe.org>
>>> wrote:
>>> Hi *,
>>> since I've upgraded my laptop from 10.2-RELEASE to 11-CURRENT
>>> (r292536, now r292755) I see this stack backtrace when a zpool
>>> is exported:
(see https://gist.github.com/a342d0381a6b7ac8b313)
>>> (From /var/log/messages)
>>> First I've only seen this on the console at shutdown or reboot
>>> (after sync I think) but later found I can reproduce it by
>>> exporting a zpool. While the only pools I can trigger this
>>> without a shutdown/reboot are connected via USB(3) I still see
>>> it just before poweroff at shutdown when the system's root pool
>>> is synced.
>>> When I try to export a zpool under heavy load (`make -C
>>> /use/src -j 4 buildworld` on a 2 core CPU w/ HT) the system
>>> locks up completely. I don't think it's related to memory
>>> pressure as I haven't seen swap being used during a buildworld
>>> (with 8 gigs of RAM).
>>> Has anyone else seen this?
>> Please file a bug for this issue and assign it to freebsd-fs. It
>> doesn’t look familiar (there might be a lock ordering issue with
>> either zfs or vfs+zfs). Thanks! -NGie

I've filed the bug but I don't think I can change the assignee:

As mentioned in the first comment, there might be a related
issue with UFS on 10-STABLE:

Regards, Florian

> Adding Will@.  I think he was working on this LOR at one point. 
> -Alan
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