On 12/31/2015 04:15, David Chisnall wrote:
The newer versions of GCC are GPLv3 and so are unacceptable for the FreeBSD 
base system.  Most of libgcc in base now comes from compiler-rt.  The correct 
solution would be to identify the missing functionality in compiler-rt so that 
it can be fixed (with patches ideally, but even a list of the missing functions 
and what they do would be helpful).  Things like libquadmath, which are only 
needed for the port, belong in ports.

When I look which symbols clang++-compiled executables require from libgcc_s.so, list only has these symbols (mostly the first one):

I couldn't find any of them defined in compiler-rt. But it looks like libunwind project implements them: http://www.nongnu.org/libunwind/. There is also the port devel/libunwind. I am not sure if this means that libunwind should be imported into the base.

If only general C++ programs could be untangled from libgcc, this fortran problem will be solved.


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