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293056 by ian:
Add an OF_decode_addr() implementation for arm64.

Discussed with:         andrew

293055 by emaste:
kbdmap.5: Use current names for ASCII control codes lf, ff, us

Refer to the old names nl, np, ns as historical aliases.

PR:             205776, 205778
MFC After:      1 week
Sponsored by:   The FreeBSD Foundation

293054 by adrian:
... and that would've never worked. Sorry!

(Note: everything I tested on locally has ATH_DEBUG / AH_DEBUG set.)

293053 by ian:
Use 64-bit math when finding a block of ram to hold the kernel.  This fixes
a problem on 32-bit systems which have ram occupying the end of the physical
address space -- for example, a block of ram at 0x80000000 with a size of
0x80000000 was overflowing 32 bit math and ending up with a calculated size
of zero.

This is a fix for one of the two problems mentioned in the PR.  Something
similar will need to be done on the kernel side before the PR is closed.

PR:             201614

293052 by nwhitehorn:
Bring CPU features list in line with the ABI requirements.

MFC after:      1 week

293051 by nwhitehorn:
Switch setting MSR[SF] to C code. This removes any CPU-specific code
(MSF[SF] is a Book 3-S thing) in the 64-bit locore64.S.

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