On Mon, May 22, 2000 at 13:26:22 +0200, Thomas Runge wrote:

> Look here: http://www.whizkidtech.net/i18n/wc/

I wish this page has less FUD about Unicode.  Reference to Unicode
being controlled by Microsoft is a prominent example.  As for the list
of problems with Unicode given on that page - all of the items in the
list are arguable and, IMO, all can be refuted.

I do have first-hand experience of working with Unicode consortium (I
have contributed to extensions of Tibetan block in 3.0).  I want to
say for the record that people from Unicode/WG2 I worked with were
very open-minded, helpful and professional.  Oh, and none of them was
from Microsoft ;-).

SY, Uwe
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