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, Adrian Chadd writes:
> Ok,
> So try adding this check:
> vmbuf = x86bios_alloc(&offs, sizeof(*buf), M_WAITOK);
> if (vmbuf == NULL) {
>     printf("%s: x86bios_alloc failed!\n", __func__);
>     goto fail;
> }
> ... that call shouldn't be failing, but if it's truely failing on the
> bcopy(), the only reason is because vmbuf is NULL.

Thanks. I'll try this.

vesa.c hasn't changed for a while so I suspect the root cuase may be 
somewhere else (we're probably treating the symptom here). Nice thing about 
using the same mobo and cpu combination on all my machines (except 
laptops), failures are completely reproducible. Might be a good idea to put 
in a dtrace probe too.

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