On 2016-01-12 13:24, olli hauer wrote:

whats the different between the two fingerprints ?

1) 23eb3a878c79d9c982ffe8e0041dfb5d7526d9bce868f60bcd51b00c86215d9f
2) 23EB3A878C79D9C982FFE8E0041DFB5D7526D9BCE868F60BCD51B00C86215D9F

For human both are the same, but not if tested with 
(md5|sha1|sha256|sha512|rmd160) -c $string

Unluckily some vendors providing fingerprints in uppercase (pointing e.g. to 
The fix is really trivial to implement in src/sbin/md5/md5.c (low hanging fruit)

If a dev with src commit has 5min, it would be nice if the one can look at PR 

there is a PR for this. It is being worked on.

Allan Jude
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