On 19 Jan 2016, at 23:32, Thomas Mueller <mueller6...@bellsouth.net> wrote:
> Has there recently been a version bump in the shared libraries?  I saw no 
> warning on this in the src or ports UPDATING files.

This was already answered in reply to your previous post on this same
issue.  As mentioned in the reply, OpenSSL has been upgraded, and both
of its shared libraries have been bumped, e.g. they are now named
libcrypto.so.8 and libssl.so.8.

(Apparently you deleted the old libcrypto.so.7 and libssl.so.7, even
though you should never do so until your ports are upgraded.)

> I can no longer startx and can no longer run many other ports, getting errors 
> like
> Shared object "libcrypto.so.7" not found, required by "X"
> xinit: giving up
> xinit: unable to connect to X server: Connection refused
> xinit: server error
> and
> root@amelia:~ # pkg info -f xserver
> Shared object "libssl.so.7" not found, required by "pkg"
> Is this due to a version bump,


> or is it related to the messages I got in yesterday's kernel installation 
> like "unknown metadata record 4 ..."?

No, that is something entirely different.  It is mainly cosmetic, and
you can ignore it, it will go away at the next kernel update, if your
kldxref executable is new enough.

> What do I do?  Make buildworld and kernel again, or rebuild all ports?  How 
> do I find which ports need updating, or rebuild all except portmaster and pkg 
> which I rebuilt after getting the errors?

It is easiest to use pkg-static to reinstall your ports, e.g.:

pkg-static update
pkg-static upgrade

Alternatively, rebuild all ports depending on OpenSSL.


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