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294367 by jhb:
Update for API changes in OpenSSH 6.8p1.

First, the authfd API now uses a direct file descriptor for the control
socket instead of a more abstract AuthenticationConnection structure.
Second, the functions now consistently return an error value.

Reviewed by:    bdrewery

294366 by jhb:
Initialize vm_page_prot to VM_MEMATTR_DEFAULT instead of 0.

If a driver's Linux mmap callback passed vm_page_prot through unchanged,
then linux_dev_mmap_single() would try to apply whatever VM_MEMATTR_xxx
value 0 is to the mapping.  On x86, VM_MEMATTR_DEFAULT is the PAT value
for write-back (WB) which is 6, while 0 maps to the PAT value for
uncacheable (UC).  Thus, any mmap request that did not explicitly set
page_prot was tried to map memory as UC triggering the warning in

Tested by:      np
Reported by:    Krishnamraju Eraparaju @ Chelsio
MFC after:      3 days
Sponsored by:   Chelsio Communications

294365 by jhb:
List source files (foo.c) instead of object files in SRCS.

Reviewed by:    bdrewery

294363 by jhibbits:
Revert a printf change from r294307.

Caused build failures with MPC85XX.

Pointy-hat to:  jhibbits

294362 by marius:
Fix tty_drain() and, thus, TIOCDRAIN of the current tty(4) incarnation
to actually wait until the TX FIFOs of UARTs have be drained before
returning. This is done by bringing the equivalent of the TS_BUSY flag
found in the previous implementation back in an ABI-preserving way.
Reported and tested by: Patrick Powell

Most likely, drivers for USB-serial-adapters likewise incorporating
TX FIFOs as well as other terminal devices that buffer output in some
form should also provide implementations of tsw_busy.

MFC after:      3 days

294361 by bdrewery:
FAST_DEPEND: Fix improperly depending all .So objects on all headers.

This was a regression in r290629, which was revealed partly in r294360.
Once 'make depend' has ran it will generate all headers already.  Thus
even with FAST_DEPEND lacking proper dependencies before building, it
will not have any missing headers.  Once objects are compiled the depend
files will be generated with proper dependencies.

Sponsored by:   EMC / Isilon Storage Division

294360 by bdrewery:
Revert r294352.

Further research showed it was the wrong fix and revealed a bigger
problem with the goal of skipping 'make depend'.

294358 by asomers:
Quell harmless CID about unchecked return value in nvlist_get_guids.

The return value doesn't need to be checked, because nvlist_get_guid's
callers check the returned values of the guids.

Coverity CID:   1341869
MFC after:      1 week
X-MFC-With:     292066
Sponsored by:   Spectra Logic Corp

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