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294621 by dchagin:
Remove obsolete comment.

MFC after:      3 days

294620 by dchagin:
Fix a typo.

MFC after:      3 days

294617 by adrian:
Now that the flashmap code knows about SPI flash, add it in builds.

PR:             kern/206227
Submitted by:   Stanislav Galabov <>

294616 by adrian:
Teach the flashmap code about the SPI flash.

PR:             kern/206227
Submitted by:   Stanislav Galabov <>

294615 by araujo:
Add an IOCTL rr_limit to let users fine tuning the number of packets to be
sent using roundrobin protocol and set a better granularity and distribution
among the interfaces. Tuning the number of packages sent by interface can
increase throughput and reduce unordered packets as well as reduce SACK.

Example of usage:
# ifconfig bge0 up
# ifconfig bge1 up
# ifconfig lagg0 create
# ifconfig lagg0 laggproto roundrobin laggport bge0 laggport bge1 \ netmask
# ifconfig lagg0 rr_limit 500

Reviewed by:    thompsa, glebius, adrian (old patch)
Approved by:    bapt (mentor)
Relnotes:       Yes
Differential Revision:

294613 by fanf:
Fix a regression in the .de and .dk whois special cases

Ensure the special cases trigger whether we come via a referral
or via the -c option. Match host names case-insensitively.

Use the default character set supported by .de (UTF-8) since that
is more compatible with the modern world than ISO 8859-1. Persuade
them to give us a useful answer whether an internationalized
domain name is given in UTF-8 or in punycode.

294611 by fanf:
A lot of the cleverness in whois is no longer needed!

The IANA whois server has the right referral information for domain
names, IP addresses, and AS numbers, so whois does not need to be
able to choose servers itself (except for a few cases where referrals
do not work). We can delete a chunk of code, which is always fun.

This change improves the referral handling to be less sensitive to
all the various formats, and to allow multi-hop referral chains,
such as IANA -> registry -> registrar.

ARIN queries have the "+" flag added if no flags are present, so we
get full details if the query matches multiple objects. The Verisign
anti-spam logic is also now suppressed if the user provided a non-
trivial query string.

Uninformative rubric is now trimmed by default. The -S option
turns off trimming, and disables query fettling.

The -i option is back to its traditional pre-1999 hostname, since is more useful than
Note that the old fallback/default server is an
alias for

The manual is more informative about query syntax.

294610 by np:
Fix for iWARP servers that listen on INADDR_ANY.

The iWARP Connection Manager (CM) on FreeBSD creates a TCP socket to
represent an iWARP endpoint when the connection is over TCP. For
servers the current approach is to invoke create_listen callback for
each iWARP RNIC registered with the CM. This doesn't work too well for
INADDR_ANY because a listen on any TCP socket already notifies all
hardware TOEs/RNICs of the new listener. This patch fixes the server
side of things for FreeBSD. We've tried to keep all these modifications
in the iWARP/TCP specific parts of the OFED infrastructure as much as

Submitted by:   Krishnamraju Eraparaju @ Chelsio (with design inputs from Steve 
Sponsored by:   Chelsio Communications
Differential Revision:

294608 by emaste:
Use MAN= to specify that no man page is provided

NO_MAN is deprecated.

Reviewed by:    imp

294600 by avos:
tools/tools/ath/ath_ee_v4k_print: reflect changes from r220589

Fix printf() arguments + sort includes

Approved by:    adrian (mentor)
Differential Revision:

294598 by kib:
In tty_dealloc(), clear the queues.  See the comment for a scenario
which explains why ttydev_leave() cleanup might not happen.

Submitted by:   bde
MFC after:      3 weeks

294597 by wblock:
Add a standards compliance note for strtok_r as suggested by cpercival.

Reviewed by:    cpercival
MFC after:      1 week

294596 by kib:
The struct file f_advice member is overlaid with the devfs f_cdevpriv
data.  If vnode bypass for devfs file failed, vn_read/vn_write are
called and might try to dereference f_advice.  Limit the accesses to
f_advice to VREG vnodes only, which is the type ensured by

The f_advice for regular files is protected by mtxpool lock.  Recheck
that f_advice is not NULL after lock is taken.

Reported and tested by: bde
Sponsored by:   The FreeBSD Foundation
MFC after:      3 weeks

294595 by kib:
When devfs dirent is freed, a vnode might still keep a pointer to it,
apparently.  Interlock and clear the pointer to avoid free memory

Submitted by:   bde (previous version)
MFC after:      3 weeks

294594 by kib:
Remove printf only useful for debugging.

Requested by:   bde
Sponsored by:   The FreeBSD Foundation
MFC after:      3 weeks

294593 by jilles:
sh: Clean a readonly local, even if the variable does not exist outside.

If a local variable has been made read-only, this should not prevent its
removal when the function returns.

294591 by fanf:
Update whois synopsis and usage with new options

294590 by emaste:
Restore libunwind.cpp to LLVM libunwind build (reverts r294576)

The unw_* functions are not exported, but are used internally.

294582 by jilles:
sh: Add already working test for local-readonly interaction.

294579 by bjk:
Bump .Dd after r294575

294578 by smh:
Fix ix advertise value after media change

When ifconfig sets media then the values displayed by the advertise_speed
value are invalidated.

Fix this by setting the bits correctly including setting advertise to 0 for
media = auto.

Reviewed by:    sbruno
MFC after:      1 week
Sponsored by:   Multiplay
Differential Revision:

294577 by br:
Add support for RISC-V ISA.

Reviewed by:    emaste
Sponsored by:   DARPA, AFRL
Sponsored by:   HEIF5
Differential Revision:

294576 by emaste:
Drop HP libunwind (unw_*) functions from LLVM libunwind

They are not needed for exception handling.

294575 by fanf:
A few `whois` usability improvements

Look up AS numbers at ARIN.

Handle more referral formats.

Suppress spammy nameserver objects when querying the .com and .net
whois servers by explicitly querying for domain names by default.

294574 by br:
Add stubs for RISC-V ISA so libunwind can be compiled.

Reviewed by:    emaste
Sponsored by:   DARPA, AFRL
Sponsored by:   HEIF5
Differential Revision:

294573 by br:
Add configuration for RISC-V ISA.

Reviewed by:    emaste
Sponsored by:   DARPA, AFRL
Sponsored by:   HEIF5
Differential Revision:

294572 by andrew:
Stop including fdt_common.h in the arm64 code. We don't use anything from
it, however may have relied on header pollution to pull in the needed
headers through it

Sponsored by:   ABT Systems Ltd

294571 by br:
Add support for RISC-V ISA.

Reviewed by:    andrew
Sponsored by:   DARPA, AFRL
Sponsored by:   HEIF5
Differential Revision:

294567 by bz:
Change the variable to a #define in order to make gcc happy which
otherwise will complain about "variably modified 'alias' at file scope".
Unbreaks the build on gcc platforms.

294565 by jilles:
sem: Don't free nameinfo that is still in list when open() fails.

This bug could be reproduced easily by calling sem_open() with O_CREAT |
O_EXCL on a semaphore that is already open in the process. The struct
sem_nameinfo would be freed while still in sem_list and later calls to
sem_open() or sem_close() could access freed memory.

PR:             206396
MFC after:      5 days

294564 by des:
r294563 was incomplete; re-add the client-side options as well.

294563 by des:
Instead of removing the NoneEnabled option, mark it as unsupported.
(should have done this in r291198, but didn't think of it until now)

294562 by andrew:
Only define fdt_pic_table on arm, and when not using intrng as this is
the only place that uses it.

294561 by andrew:
Stop defining fdt_pic_table with ARM_INTRNG, it's unused.

294560 by des:
Do not generate RSA1 or DSA keys by default.

294559 by andrew:
Stop calling fdt_immr_addr from the xlp startup code. It's used to set
fdt_immr_{va,pa,size}, but these are not used outside a single ARM SoC.

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