Kevin Oberman <> writes:
> Dag-Erling Smørgrav <> writes:
> > Julian Elischer <> writes:
> > > what is the internal window size in the new ssh?
> > 64 kB.
> Are you sure of this?

Sorry, I was thinking of 6.6 (in stable/10).  The buffer code in 7.1
supports dynamically-sized buffers with a hard limit of 128 MB.  The
default window size for client sessions is 2 MB, or 1 MB if associated
with a tty.  I'm not sure what the maximum size is.  Note that scp, sftp
etc. count as client sessions.  X11 and agent forwarding use different
(smaller) windows which improve latency at the cost of throughput.

> [...] scp still performed poorly when compared to other technologies

scp is a horrible protocol, use sftp or (preferably) rsync over ssh.

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