FreeBSD_HEAD_i386 - Build #2216 - Fixed:

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294887 by glebius:
Fix build on i386. I can't yet understand why does it build on amd64.

294886 by sephe:
hyperv/vmbus: Event handling code refactor.

- Use taskqueue instead of swi for event handling.
- Scan the interrupt flags in filter
- Disable ringbuffer interrupt mask in filter to ensure no unnecessary

Submitted by:           Jun Su <junsu microsoft com>
Reviewed by:            adrian, sephe, Dexuan <decui microsoft com>
Approved by:            adrian (mentor)
MFC after:              2 weeks
Sponsored by:           Microsoft OSTC
Differential Revision:

294885 by jhibbits:
Fix the build post-r294883.

Pointy-hat to:  jhibbits
X-MFC with:     r294883

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