On Thu, Jan 28, 2016 at 12:46:39PM +0000, Thomas Mueller wrote:
> from Glen Barber:
> > As many know, work has been in progress for quite some time to provide
> > the ability to package and upgrade the FreeBSD base system using pkg(8).
> > The majority of the initial implementation has provided much of the core
> > functionality to make this possible, however much work still needs to be
> > done.
> (snip)
> Would the base system all be one package?

multiple packages with meta packages to represent the whole base so you have the
best of both world :)
> In Linux, everything is part of a package, even the kernel, but something 
> comparable to FreeBSD or NetBSD base system would have many packages.
> Will it be possible to upgrade base system with portmaster or portupgrade, 
> and would that be better than the current procedure in UPDATING?

No but one will be able to simply run pkg upgrade (and built himself the
> Would pkg then be able to show a package's required shared libraries 
> including shared libraries from the base system?  I was recently stung by pkg 
> not showing required shared libraries from the base system.

Yes, but but real usage of it would happen in a second step because of many
rought edges to be deal with. but yes the information would be available


for a bigger view of what happened (note that some detail my have change a bit,
the overall remains the same)

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