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> Sent: Monday, May 22, 2000 4:02 PM
> To: Stephane E. Potvin
> Subject: Re: buildworld broken in sys/boot/i386/btx/btx
> On 22/05, Stephane E. Potvin wrote:
> | Try applying the patches in the following PR. I'm not sure they
> will still
> | apply cleanly but it should fix your problem.
> They don't apply cleanly, and I have to leave. But I would rather
> understand
> why there is a failure in the first place, and why other people
> seem not to
> encounter it :/

They have to do with the fact that the newest binutils is much more pedantic
than it used to be with opcodes vs operands size.

> Thanks anyway for the pointer.

You're welcome :)

Stephane E. Potvin
InnoMediaLogic Inc. -- http://www.multichassis.com/

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