On 02/02/16 14:11, Marcin Mazurek wrote:
Now my config line looks like:

dev/al_eth/al_eth.c        optional al_eth \
         no-depend            \
         compile-with "${CC} -c -o ${.TARGET} ${CFLAGS}
-I$S/contrib/alpine-hal -I$S/contrib/alpine-hal/eth ${PROF} ${.IMPSRC}"

Unfortunately I still get the same errors as before:


mkdep: compile failed

^^^ The depend will fail, this is expected. Maybe you need to clean the build directory after applying the config above. Note, the compile-with and no-depend must be the same for all files you compile.

Can you show the command you are running to build?

Can you show the full path for the .c and .h files in question?


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