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I have one Fujitsu server with LSI SAS 3108 RAID Controller. These LSI SAS 3108 RAID Controller is supported by the mpr driver ( If I try to install the FreeBSD-stable 10.0 or FreeBSD-current 11.0 on this server I can make partitions, but I can not write install files on the disks (better to say RAID5 virtual drive) without errors.
The erorrs are:
mfi0 failed to get command

By the installations I see my virtual drive as device with mfi0 as identifier.

My questions are:
1) Why I see the virtual drive as device with mfi0 as identifier. I would expect that my virtual drive has identifier mpr0 or something like this. 2) Why I can install FreeBSD on one of the disks connected to LSI SAS 3108 RAID Controller, if the disks do not build any virtual drive (no matter which RAID level). Is that possible because mpr driver supports the LSI SAS 3108 RAID Controller as SCSI Controller and not as RAID Controller (see Kernel configuration)?

Thanks in advance, Z. Kanaeva.

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