Actually, I have got the same 'compile-with' and 'no-depend' options for my
all files.

I run to build kernel with command:
env MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX=/root/mma/anpa-build make buildkernel TARGET=arm

I tried to do this without -DNO_CLEAN option too, but the output was the

Files that I need to include are located in sys/contrib/alpine-hal and
sys/contrib/alpine-hal/eth. I attach the entire error log.

2016-02-02 17:06 GMT+01:00 Hans Petter Selasky <h...@selasky.org>:

> On 02/02/16 14:11, Marcin Mazurek wrote:
>> Now my config line looks like:
>> dev/al_eth/al_eth.c        optional al_eth \
>>          no-depend            \
>>          compile-with "${CC} -c -o ${.TARGET} ${CFLAGS}
>> -I$S/contrib/alpine-hal -I$S/contrib/alpine-hal/eth ${PROF} ${.IMPSRC}"
>> Unfortunately I still get the same errors as before:
> Hi,
> mkdep: compile failed
> ^^^ The depend will fail, this is expected. Maybe you need to clean the
> build directory after applying the config above. Note, the compile-with and
> no-depend must be the same for all files you compile.
> Can you show the command you are running to build?
> Can you show the full path for the .c and .h files in question?
> --HPS

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