On Tue, 23 May 2000, Bob Bishop wrote:

BB> FWIW -CURRENT is the same, but it looks like none of the calls check the
BB> return value anyway.
Well. There was a message during the boot of kernel which notified that
"adv0 device prove/attach returned 1" (or smt. like this). So I think the
return code is checked somewhere and (what's more important) before the fix
kernel seemed to hang at stage xpt_for_all_busses(xptconfigfunc, NULL);
Just after displaying
"Waiting 2 seconds for SCSI devices to settle"
And I think that there should be no hangs even if attach failed so it's maybe
good to check that code.
(I was booting from atapi and adv was the only scsi adapter in the system)

Oleg Sharoiko.
Computer Center of
Rostov State University.

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