On 2016-02-08 15:38, Matthias Apitz wrote:


I have a poudriere oven, amd64 based on r292778 and poudriere
which served fine to build some 1700 ports. Yesterday I started to make
in addition editors/openoffice-devel, and it ended up eating all
attached swap space and at the end today with out of swap after some ~15 

The swap is 4 GByte /dev/ada0p3 and in addition 6 plain files of 1 GByte added
as swap devices.

What I do not understand, while watching the situation with top, there
have only be running as maximum 2 processes clang++, and always starting new
processes for new foo.cxx files, and theses have had a memory of some
let's says 200 Mbytes each, as max. How can this lead to eat up 10 GByte swap


Where you using the tmpfs feature of poudriere? I believe it is on by default. This will obviously use up a bunch of ram and cause swapping.

Allan Jude
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