On 02/10/16 10:51, Greg Quinlan wrote:


I haven't seen a Kernel Panic like this for a long time... i.e. repeatable and 
due to a single command.

I have compiled the port /usr/ports/audio/oss and installed it on FreeBSD11.

A ran  /usr/local/sbin/ossdetect which created the file 

Code:oss_hdaudio #Intel High Definition Audio (CPT)

When i run  /usr/local/sbin/soundon

The system panics..

panic: Lock (sx) module subsystem lock sx lock not locked 0 
cpu_id = 1


Do you have the complete backtrace for this panic?

Do you have any modules under /boot/modules, which are not up to date?

Does the same happen with audio/oss under 10.x ?


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