I've also posted lots of info to freebsd-net, and not gotten any response.


Cable Modem-> EM0 on a pfSense Firewall (FreeBSD 10.1, pfSense 2.2.6)
              set to dhcp6, and ask for a /56 prefix

EM1->LAN, set to track interface, prefix id 0, radvd running advertising the 00 /64 LAN-> using lagg0, SLAAC (rtsold). Gets an address, icmp6 works, tcp6 times out.
    -> win10 SLAAC, tcp6 works fine, as does icmp6.

I seem to be able to CRASH -CURRENT by just rebooting the pfSense firewall.

What do I need to get to help get to the bottom of this?

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