On 10/02/2016 01:02, John Baldwin wrote:
> I'm actually not certain of what triggered the fault.  The check that emits
> the printf should also be failing the kldload with EEXIST (but that doesn't
> work for the case where both are compiled into the kernel).  The new driver
> should have just never been registered, but then I'm not sure how its method
> could be called at all.  The only reference to the driver's methods are in the
> struct driver which also has the associated softc size (so you shouldn't get
> a mismatch between softc size and the driver methods used).

I haven't really followed this thread and my memory about my own problem has
significantly faded, but could the issue #2 in the following post be related?
Sorry for the noise if it's totally unrelated.

Andriy Gapon
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