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On 2016-02-10 20:38:02 (-0600), Larry Rosenman <l...@lerctr.org> wrote:

I've also posted lots of info to freebsd-net, and not gotten any


Cable Modem-> EM0 on a pfSense Firewall (FreeBSD 10.1, pfSense 2.2.6)
               set to dhcp6, and ask for a /56 prefix

EM1->LAN, set to track interface, prefix id 0, radvd running advertising
the 00 /64
LAN-> borg.lerctr.org using lagg0, SLAAC (rtsold).  Gets an address,
icmp6 works, tcp6 times out.
     -> win10 SLAAC, tcp6 works fine, as does icmp6.

For this I'd start by taking packet captures of both the FreeBSD tcp6
connection and the win10 tcp6 connection. Finding the difference between
the two will likely go a long way in finding the cause.

From which system(s) perspective do you want the packet captures?
(Firewall, FreeBSD, Windows)?

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