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295663 by bdrewery:
Revert r295648 for now.

This builds fine with FAST_DEPEND but the mkdep method requires that
include/ generates the headers during 'make depend' so the subsequent
directories can find them when running mkdep.

Sponsored by:   EMC / Isilon Storage Division

295662 by andrew:
Allow callers of OF_decode_addr to get the size of the found mapping. This
will allow for code that uses the old fdt_get_range and fdt_regsize
functions to find a range, map it, access, then unmap to replace this, up
to and including the map, with a call to OF_decode_addr.

As this function should only be used in the early boot code the unmap is
mostly do document we no longer need the mapping as it's a no-op, at least
on arm.

Reviewed by:    jhibbits
Sponsored by:   ABT Systems Ltd
Differential Revision:

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