On 2/16/16 7:02 AM, David Wolfskill wrote:
> Given some of the reports of problems building head recently, my initial
> attempts this morning (upgrading head/amd64) in place from r295622 to
> r295654) were "clean" builds.
> My "build machine" reported no trouble (using -j16).
> On my laptop, also using -j16, the process terminated prematurely, with
> whines about inability to find libopythagoras.
> In a half-hearted attempt, I then immediately attempted an "unclean"
> build ("make -j 16 --DNO_CLEAN buildworld"); unsurprisingly, that
> failed.
> On a bit of a whim, I then tried "make -j14 buildworld" -- that
> succeeeded.
> I've placed a typescript of all  of those efforts in
> <http://www.catwhisker.org/~david/FreeBSD/head/> -- ref "bw.txt" (or
> "bw.txt.gz"), in case that's of interest or use.

r295683 should fix it. There are likely more regressions after my recent
change. Please CC me on any more you run into.

Bryan Drewery
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