Hi there,

I've decided to give -CURRENT a try on my i386 laptop with a 915GM video
(supported by i915kms.ko) @ r295286; minimal kernel with most of the stuff
loaded from /boot/loader.conf.

While debugging suspend/resume issues, I've found out that loading vesa.ko
now apparently only works from /boot/loader.conf: doing it manually from
the command line after logging in gives me this error in dmesg(8):

    module_register_init: MOD_LOAD (vesa, 0x<someaddr>, 0) error 19

Some scattered reports on the net did not shed the light on whether this
is expected behavior these days (which is a bit unexpected for a stable/8
user) or a regression due to lack of testing of standalone vesa.ko since
VESA is a default option in GENERIC.  Shall I file a PR?

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