On Thu, 18 Feb 2016, Joe Holden wrote:

On 17/02/2016 14:07, Daniel Kalchev wrote:

On 17.02.2016 ?., at 15:40, Shawn Webb <shawn.w...@hardenedbsd.org> wrote:

TL;DR: FreeBSD is not affected by CVE-2015-7547.

Unless you use Linux applications under emulation.


Which is supported by ports so at most it should be a ports advisory and not a FreeBSD (base) SA and therefore not on the website.

Just my 2p ;)

Documenting and putting out security advisiories for other operating
systems seems like a bad precedent in general.  The same could be said
for runniing java applications, windows under bhyve, etc. - *sigh* -
if the cross over use is common via a port, then have the port maybe
remind users to consult their distribution specific security
vulnerabilites prior to running it maybe - which is what they should
be doing anyway.

That's my two insignificant cents :-)


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