On 2016-02-21 07:43, Hans Petter Selasky wrote:
On 02/21/16 14:33, Dimitry Andric wrote:
If you ask me, something is just seriously broken in the way the xhci
driver works on Haswell or higher Intel CPUs.  For example, on an
embedded Haswell box with USB3 ports:


Nothing is seriously broken in the XHCI driver. Try to set:


Does this DISABLE USB3?

Which will route all devices to the EHCI, in your /boot/loader.conf

Does it make any difference?

Refer to the following print:
xhci0: Port routing mask set to 0xffffffff

The chipset you're using is special in that the binding of ports
between XHCI and EHCI is not fixed. Maybe some combinations are simply
not supported.


Why is it "special"? It seems it's the norm for haswell and newer (in my case Skylake).

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