On 02/21/16 17:28, Larry Rosenman wrote:
Does this mean that the touch screen is hitting a limit in FreeBSD's

Yes, the hid driver is limiting the range of some report. This should be harmless. You would need to dump the HID descriptor to see the limits. Maybe we could raise the limit from 256 to 4096 or something in that range, to make the warning to away. It's


                                        /* range check usage count */
                                        if (c->loc.count > 255) {
                                                DPRINTFN(0, "Number of "
                                                    "items truncated to 255\n");
                                                s->ncount = 255;
                                        } else
                                                s->ncount = c->loc.count;

Try adding c->loc.count to the printout, to see the limit it is exceeding.

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