On 2016-02-22 10:51, Hans Petter Selasky wrote:
On 02/22/16 17:39, Anthony Jenkins wrote:

On 02/22/2016 02:11 AM, Hans Petter Selasky wrote:
On 02/22/16 03:16, Anthony Jenkins wrote:
Yes. I have an eGalax touchscreen and it's doing the same thing. The
number of items it's reporting is 256 (according to my preliminary
debugging), causing the warning.  I think these things are a special
subclass of HID for multitouch touchscreens which we don't support

/usr/ports/multimedia/webcamd will most likely attach if invoked
manually, to this device and provide an event device for you!


Okay that's /amazing/, and not at all intuitive!  I mean I'd expect
multimedia/webcamd to only attach to "video" devices, but lo and behold
I get a /dev/input/event0 device which spits out gibberish when
cat(1)'ed and I touch the screen!

My intentions were to port Linux's hid-multitouch device in whole to
FreeBSD (it's what attaches to my eGalax device and probably to OP's
touchscreen device) and add support for the device to moused(8), but
it's not very high on my priority list...


If you apply these patches, will work with your X-org :-)


Didn't seem to attach to mine, running from /etc/rc.d / devd
$ ls
acpi            ctty            led             psm0            ttyv8
ada0            cuse            log             pts             ttyv9
ada0p1          devctl          mdctl           random          ttyva
ada0p2          devctl2         mem             reroot          ttyvb
ada0p3          devstat         midistat        ses0            ufssuspend
ada1            dumpdev         mixer0          sndstat         ugen0.1
ada1p1          fd              mixer1          stderr          ugen0.2
ada1p2          fido            mixer2          stdin           ugen0.3
apm             full            msdosfs         stdout          uhid0
apmctl          geom.ctl        netmap          sysmouse        uhid1
atkbd0          gpt             nfslock         ttyv0           urandom
audit           hpet0           null            ttyv1           usb
auditpipe       io              nvidia0         ttyv2           usbctl
bpf             kbd0            nvidiactl       ttyv3           video0
bpf0            kbd1            pass0           ttyv4           xpt0
bpsm0           kbdmux0         pass1           ttyv5           zero
console         klog            pass2           ttyv6           zfs
consolectl      kmem            pci             ttyv7
$ ls /dev/in*
ls: /dev/in*: No such file or directory

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