Decided to do some more tests, I actually have a second board with sr-iov
capabilities that I used for awhile with vmware esxi. I decided to test
this out and unfortunately it won't activate, it is giving the no space
left on device error message. I double checked bios and all VT-d related
options are enabled and have hw.ix.num_queues="4" in /boot/loader.conf. Is
there anything else that may need to be set? .(It did work on vmware)

 For my second test, I moved the X540-AT1 to the board with the X540-AT2.
It functioned with the same issues as the AT2 tho.

I don't think I listed the motherboards in question yet so ill list them

S1200BTLRM -
MD80-TM0 -

I'm not sure if it will be of any help tho.

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