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> Hi
> Not sure if it's ok to cross post but I wasn't sure which list to send to.
> On Intel Atom X5-Z8300 SoC (CherryTrail) the install memstick image (amd64)
> halts during boot because of uart.1 settings in device hints.

I have found that FreeBSD’s default device.hints file has fallen
behind on reality and is indeed causing problems on more modern
H/W, like the H/W you mention.

> I'm sure it is there for a reason so what is the alternative actions? Is
> the solution to get a bootable Atom SoC image to create yet another
> distribution or can the installer choose the proper device.hints
> dynamically during boot?

FreeBSD should really get rid of any default hints by now; or at least
limit the hints to what is absolutely certain to be needed or to be

Marcel Moolenaar

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