Excerpts from Baptiste Daroussin's message from Tue 01-Mar-16 00:23:
> I would like to remove (provided that unicode version are available)
> Here is the list of locales/encodings:
> be_BY.CP1251
> be_BY.CP1131
> zh_HK.Big5HKSCS
> Provided that those should be covered by respectively:
> be_BY.ISO8859-5 be_BY.UTF-8
> hi_IN.UTF-8
> hy_AM.UTF-8
> zh_HK.UTF-8 zh_Hans_HK.UTF-8
> Anyone has a strong opinion against this removal?

Well, as a locale hy_AM.ARMSCII-8 is definitely not needed. However, as
an encoding it's still useful: sometimes I (and probably some other people)
need to convert some "ancient" documents from ARMSCII-8 to UTF-8.

I do not think that the removing it will prevent such conversion anyway
(e.g. with iconv), correct?


P.S. "hy" = Hayastan = Armenia

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