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From: O. Hartmann 
Subject: mounting CIFS share (tcp/455) with FreeBSD and mount_smbfs(8) 
> I need to mount a CIFS share from windows server 2012 r2 via CIFS, tcp/445 as 
> service (tcp/139) has been deprecated due to serious vulnerability issues. 
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> I desperately need CIFS and I need tcp/445 since tcp/139 is from now on 
> firewalled. 

There's actually alternative available that's far more UNIX-friendly and not 
depending on the SAMBA foibles.


Of course, you need to have admin access to the server or get the admins enable 
NFS on it.


(I've used the Windows NFS the other way around- FreeBSD NFS shares mounted 
with on Win7.)
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