On 03/02/16 23:54, Glen Barber wrote:
> Also note (as repeated below), running 'pkg delete -a' will implicitly
> remove base system packages after they are installed.

This has the potential for many feet to be shot, given that up to now,
'pkg delete -a' would always leave you with a viable system.

We already make an exception for pkg itself -- you need 'pkg delete -fa'
to actually remove pkg(8) as well.  (Note to self: this needs to be
documented in the pkg-delete(8) man page.)

We should have similar exceptions for the essential bits of the base
system -- at minimum everything you need to boot the system up and
install stuff from a package repository.

We should also have a command line that will remove all ported software
but leave the base intact.   Maybe by adding '-r reponame' functionality
to 'pkg delete'?



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