First of all, thanks to everyone who got FreeBSD's UEFI + ZFS boot
working, I'm now triple-booting FreeBSD, Kubuntu Linux and my HP
laptop's native Windows 10 (all 3 spread among about 13 GPT partitions
including an EFI partition).  I have a couple issues - an EFI
configuration disables some devices and FreeBSD's EFI boot file not
showing up in boot menu.

Until recently I booted FreeBSD by bringing up the BIOS boot menu,
selecting "F9 - Boot Device Options" -> "Boot From EFI File" and
navigating to \EFI\FreeBSD\boot1.efi on the EFI partition.  Yesterday I
decided to replace the default EFI boot file (apparently
\EFI\Microsoft\Boot\bootmgfw.efi) with FreeBSD's EFI boot file, which
works... /sorta/.  If I allow the machine to boot, FreeBSD comes up with
no need for me to interact with the BIOS, but several devices no longer
work - my Intel 3160 PCIe wireless card and my eGalax USB touchscreen
are non-responsive.  They're both /detected/ on their respective busses
and their drivers are loaded, but touching the screen no longer moves
the cursor in KDE4 and I cannot connect to an access point.  I can 'cat
/dev/input/event0' and see data when I touch the screen, and I can
'ifconfig wlan0 list scan' to see broadcasting APs, which is weird.

Anyone know what's going on?  I'm assuming HP Support won't help me out
with this sort of issue.

To be accurate, I copied the FreeBSD EFI boot file to two places 
\EFI\Boot\bootx64.efi (I thought BIOSes booted this file by default) and

The other issue is just me being jealous of EFI Linux showing up in a
toplevel BIOS boot menu:

Selecting "F9 - Boot Device Options" goes to the "Boot Manager" screen:

Boot Option Menu

- OS boot Manager
- ubuntu (MKNSSDRE1TB)
- Boot From EFI File
- Notebook Hard Drive

How did Ubuntu get in there?  Some attribute of its EFI boot file that
tells the BIOS (or boot manager EFI app) to add an entry for it?  How do
I get FreeBSD in there?


Anthony Jenkins

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