> I want to start contributing to freebsd, but i don't know how to get
> started.

Cool. The best way to start is the questions@ mailing list:


Try to ask and answer questions there, sometimes it's quite challenging 8-)

What is your main interest ? Which programming language, which
application area ? Are you into C programming or what
would be of interest to you ?

> Is there a 'easy-hacks' or 'bugs' list that I can begin with?

There's a page with ideas:


and there's the Google Summer of Code ideas page:


And if you want to start bug-squashing, dig into


and search for interesting bugs to reproduce, and propose patches.

> I have downloaded freebsd-10.2-Release-amd64-bootonly.

One topic that is always hot is testing and integrating new wireless and
other device drivers.


> I am currently studying Operating system concepts from this book called
> 'Operating system concepts' by Silberschatz. I want to contribute to open
> source while learning from that book.

I recommend reading the general handbook for the concepts:


Then, if you really want to do operation-system coding, look at the
Developers handbook.


If you want to have start in the application area, look at the
ports tree, and it's handbook:


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