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On 5/24/00, 6:26:46 PM, Maxim Sobolev <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote 
regarding Re: kernel compile error:

> Scott Flatman wrote:

> > I've done that twice. Buildworld failed both times. My last sucessful
> > buildworld was last sunday, 5/21.

> I know that because I can't build it during past 3 days too. Please be 
> someone will definitely fix somwhere in future ;-).

> -Maxim

Dear Maxim Sobolev,

<JOKING MODE>I seem to understand that, statistically speaking, Sunday 
is the best day for cvsupping/making the world ... </JOKING MODE>

Actually, whenever I cvsup'ed sources on Sunday, I've NEVER scr***d a 
make world ... well, ehem, at least so far.
Best regards,

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