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I imported the (tentative) 3.8.0 release of clang, llvm, lldb and
compiler-rt into head, in r296417. The upstream release is going to be
very soon now, but I do not expect any changes anymore.

This was tested with make universe, and a few exp-runs, but there is
always a chance that you might run into something unexpected, either
with the base system or ports.  In such cases, please file bugs, and
make sure you note somewhere in the description that it is related to
this import.

Please hold off upgrading for now, if you are on amd64, and loading the
aesni.ko module.  It appears that loading this module can cause the
kernel ELF linker to panic, but it is not yet clear why. This is being
tracked in PR207729 [1].

It should be safe again after r296419.  Thanks to Kostik Belousov for
the quick fix.  (Clang 3.8.0 generates a different type for unwind
sections on amd64, and this was unexpected in the kernel linker.)


[1] https://svnweb.freebsd.org/changeset/base/296419
I'm getting a crash at startup (mi_startup) with a clang 3.8.0 kernel.

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