On Tue, Mar 08, 2016 at 03:40:16PM +0300, Slawa Olhovchenkov wrote:

> About use cases. I am try to imagine different use cases and don't
> found answer how do this:
> 1. package building as `make packages` witch version as timestamp of
> start buildworld. I.e. on every buildworld every package will be
> rebuild, take new version and will be reinstaled. Where is profit of
> package spliting?
> 2. After src.conf change some package don't build. Where analog of
> `make delete-old delete-old-libs`?

Some forgotten points:

7. What about src/tools/tools? Do you planed to package this?

8. Current layout is incompatible with beadm:

/var/db/pkg is placed on /var and separated from beadm control
(zroot/ROOT). As result, switching OS install by beadm give
incorrectly information about installed packages. For correcting this
need separatly pkg database for system packages under beadm control.

Same for etcupdate database.

9. etcupdate database currently don't populated under upgrade process.

Proposal: may be retreating from concept 'every file owned only by one
package' can be solved problem with 'fat' base packages and thin
upgrades? Upgrade/SA package will be contain only modyfied (and
'imaginary' for deleting) files, replaced files initially installed.
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