No need to ignore the output of zfs list, here is an explanation of zfs
list's output, this is in the zfs man page. I think you're confusing used
with refer.

         The amount of space consumed by this dataset and all its
         This is the value that is checked against this dataset's quota and
         reservation. The space used does not include this dataset's
         tion, but does take into account the reservations of any descendent
         datasets. The amount of space that a dataset consumes from its par‐
         ent, as well as the amount of space that are freed if this dataset
         recursively destroyed, is the greater of its space used and its

         When snapshots (see the "Snapshots" section) are created, their
         is initially shared between the snapshot and the file system, and
         possibly with previous snapshots. As the file system changes, space
         that was previously shared becomes unique to the snapshot, and
         counted in the snapshot's space used. Additionally, deleting snap‐
         shots can increase the amount of space unique to (and used by)

         The amount of space used, available, or referenced does not take
         account pending changes. Pending changes are generally accounted
         within a few seconds. Committing a change to a disk using fsync(2)
         O_SYNC does not necessarily guarantee that the space usage informa‐
         tion is updated immediately.

         The amount of space available to the dataset and all its children,
         assuming that there is no other activity in the pool. Because space
         is shared within a pool, availability can be limited by any number
         factors, including physical pool size, quotas, reservations, or
         datasets within the pool.

         This property can also be referred to by its shortened column name,

         The amount of data that is accessible by this dataset, which may or
         may not be shared with other datasets in the pool. When a snapshot
         clone is created, it initially references the same amount of space
         the file system or snapshot it was created from, since its contents
         are identical.

         This property can also be referred to by its shortened column name,

On Thu, Mar 10, 2016 at 7:06 PM, Roger Marquis <> wrote:

> > You don't mkdir it, you create it as a ZFS dataset, and mark it with the
> > 'canmount=no' property, so it only exists to be a parent, not as an
> > actual dataset. This is the default in zfboot currently.
> Thanks to everyone for pointing this out.  I'll forget about mkdir then,
> ignore the output of 'zfs list' and get comfortable doing things the zfs
> way.
> Still have to tweak scripts/zfsboot to create a /var/spool subvol, a /home
> subvol in place of /usr/home and specify atime=none in the default dataset.
> At least the latter works as expected.
> Roger
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