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296683 by glebius:
Allow minimum and maximum sweep size be the same.

Submitted by:   maxim

296682 by gonzo:
Make it possible for operations to refer to GPIO pins by name

- Try to guess what is provided as a pin spec for -t or for get/set
    operation: number or name. Fails in case of ambiguity.
- Add -p and -N switches to force pin specification interpretation:
    -p forces spec to be pin number, -N forces it to be name

Submitted by:   Emmanuel Vadot <>
Differential Revision:

296681 by dumbbell:
drm/i915: Fix malloc type in i915_gem_object_bind_to_gtt()

drm_mm.c expects DRM_MEM_MM, not DRM_I915_GEM.

296679 by dim:
Pull in r246280 from upstream libc++ trunk (by Eric Fiselier):

  Fix most GCC warnings during build. Only -Wattribute left.

This helps to fix a number of -Werror warnings when building world with
recent versions of gcc (e.g. the devel/*-xtoolchain-gcc ports).

296677 by jhibbits:
Add to CFLAGS, rather than replacing.

This allows additional CFLAGS, as set in, to go through.

296676 by bdrewery:
Avoid MK_TESTS error on stable/10 by just preventing SUBDIR recursion.

296675 by bdrewery:
Avoid bmake upgrade NO_MAN warning by just setting MAN to empty.

Suggested by:   imp

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