On 2016-03-18 13:51, Guido Falsi wrote:
On 03/18/16 17:54, José Pérez wrote:
Hi Guido,
maybe it's because of this:

I see.

There is a problem with this though, we have howtos suggesting 64K for
the size of the freebsd-boot gpt partition:


now that size isn't sufficient anymore. We should at least update these
information soon.

Also repartitioning could be problematic in certain scenarios. I think
this change should be at least published in UPDATING and maybe also in
the future release notes for 11.0.

Personally I'll find a way of reorganizing my disks to fit this change,
but it's something that could byte users.

Those old bits of the wiki should be burned with fire. The one you link to is from 2009 and is full of bad advice, and only covers how to install FreeBSD 8.x

Allan Jude
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