On Fri, 18 Mar 2016, Guido Falsi wrote:

On 03/18/16 17:54, José Pérez wrote:
Hi Guido,
maybe it's because of this:

I see.

There is a problem with this though, we have howtos suggesting 64K for
the size of the freebsd-boot gpt partition:


now that size isn't sufficient anymore. We should at least update these
information soon.

I have always recommended using the largest possible size for the bootcode partition, 512K. There is no reason to go with a smaller size, the space savings are insignificant. It is safe to guess that bootcode will never get smaller.

I also recommend starting the first real partition at 1M. This also is frequently ignored.

Here are my instructions:


The wiki should be updated. Better yet, that section should be removed and the corrected procedure shown in the Handbook.

Also repartitioning could be problematic in certain scenarios. I think
this change should be at least published in UPDATING and maybe also in
the future release notes for 11.0.

Personally I'll find a way of reorganizing my disks to fit this change,
but it's something that could byte users.
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