I'm agreed with point you told about improvements we can do for fat
format (or more).
And I'm ready to do them (with your helps, sure :D).

But we need short steps and more of them (a local proverb :D) IMO.
If we completely do this image activator, then we can have 2 sub plans
for OSX emulation and/or fat data segment redesign.

I saw netbsd's way of mach-kernel/darwin emulation.
They have been stopped in porting/simulating quartz (the reason
described lack of developers' interest IIRC), and that relates to OSX
If we wanna complete/continue that way, first we need this image
activator, what's your opinion about it?

BTW, in brief I believe we can have strategies to do (sub plans) and
it worth (at least for me, because I'll learn good things). What's
your opinion?

Best wishes, Mokhi.
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