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Aleksander Alekseev <afis...@devzen.ru> wrote:

> > I think I realized what's going on. I probably rebuilded the world on
> > two different machines but forgot to do it on this one. I will
> > re-check this and report results a bit later.  
> OK, here is a problem. I can't upgrade the world because of compile
> errors I mentioned before:
> http://lpaste.net/948188758727983104
> This issue reproduces with both CLang 3.6 and new CLang compiled
> manually from trunk (I created symlinks clang++-3.9 and clang-cpp-3.9
> to clang-3.9 and it solved my problem with CLang I mentioned before).
> Thoughts?

I see that you're using clang36 from ports.  Right now clang38 is
what's being used in 11-CURRENT.  I don't know whether it will
help, but you could try installing clang38 from ports.

Gary Jennejohn
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