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> OK, here is what I did so far.
> First I booted with 10.2 kernel (it's always good to have a backup).
> Now I have 10.2 kernel and world. After that I installed clang38 using
> ports (and discovered a bug #208375 in a process).
>> Don't try to build world with ports clang, it's not yet supported (at
>> least not officially, and without jumping through some flaming
>> hoops).
> It explains a lot, thanks!
>> Just use the compiler in the base system.
> ... but I got same errors using system clang 3.4.1:
> http://pastebin.com/raw/zz5UGsQV
> I'm at r297373 currently.
> Any ideas?

For some reason, your build does not pick up the __alloc_size defines
from sys/cdefs.h.  You will have to figure out which cdefs.h your build
is including, and check whether that is in sync with the rest of your
source tree.

If all else fails, delete your complete source tree, delete everything
in /usr/obj, and restart the build.  Also, in case settings in make.conf
or src.conf are causing trouble, start with an empty make.conf and
src.conf first, then add any settings one by one, to find the culprit.


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