> Did you erase /usr/src before checking out -CURRENT?  Obsolete files 
> left in there can easily break things.  'svn stat /usr/src' will show 
> those files with a '?'.

I did. `svn stat /usr/src` outputs nothing and has return code 0.

> The first stages of buildworld build a copy of clang under /usr/obj,
> and the later stages use that, but specifying a full path the compiler
> defeats this mechanism.

That explains a lot, thanks.

For the record - I successfully upgraded both world and kernel to
CURRENT and everything seems to work normal so far. I will keep you in

Thanks a lot everyone for your help! 

>> CPUTYPE?=native
>> CFLAGS+=-O2 -pipe
>> CXXFLAGS+=-O2 -pipe  

> These will bite with no provocation, and prevent ports that want to
> set their own flags from using them.

Frankly as a rule of thumb I prefer binary packages. But how would you
recommend to change these lines? You see if I use ports I would like
compiled code to be optimized and preferably for local CPU. 

Best regards,
Aleksander Alekseev
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